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"Must See" for new Nova Scotians

by Candice

What a wonderful webinar! Personal, yet exceptionally informative, showing lots of things that should have been done, could have been done, and were done right! Listening to Manuella was very engaging. You know some webinars make you fall asleep, well not her's, I wanted to hear more. It was a good mix of interesting facts, details on their experiences, helpful resources, and fun adventures they had during the processes. As a REALTOR® nothing could replace having us guide you along the process, but this is definitely a nice addition to have as she outlines a lot of "pre" work for someone to do. It definitely prepares you for when you have to act fast in this hot market, so you don't lose out on your dream property! What a great tool for finding the perfect property!

So much info!

Frank Mullen

First I was a bit hesitant, but then I read the other review and gave it a try. And know I'm really happy I didn't miss out on this! So much information and things I never thought to ask myself. And then getting all of the legal terms explained...that was exactly what I was looking for. Always wanted to move to Nova Scotia and now I know where to start! Definitely a webinar I'd recommend to anybody on the same journey.